Forbes: Healthcare Delivers Technical Knockout @ 2012 CES

eWeek: Healthcare IT News: Alcatel-Lucent Shows TeleHealth Concepts @ 2012 CES

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Showcased in Acatel-Lucent Booth #31412 South Upper Hall


ALU-USA ng Connect & F.I.T.™ 2012 CES B2B Press Release!

*Yahoo Finance: ALU ng Connect Expands to More Than 125 Tech Members, Showcases 10 New Collaborating Members at CES Innovative Program & Joins Forces With Alcatel-Lucent's First Technology Start-up Accelerator


"Frank Nein, F.I.T. Original Cofounder, Investor & Partner, Acting SVP of Business Development & Marketing Communications with Kurt Kettenacker, F.I.T. Cofounder, Investor & Partner, with Special Attendee Guest, Dr. Ron Kettenacker via Nutramax Laboratories, Inc. @ (www.Nutramaxlabs.com) on the G4TV Set at the International E3 Gaming Industry Conference in LA 2011 & 2012.

"In the Movie & Sports Industry, the Body is an Invaluable Instrument." "Dr. Nick Understands the Language of the Human Body & Keeps it Tuned to Perfection." “He is a Healer of the Highest Order.” --M. Night Shyamalan: Hollywood Director, Producer & Writer: The Sixth Sense, Signs, The Last Airbender & Unbreakable. Quote: “My Hope is We Broke so Many Rules We Created a New Rule and The Idea is to Always Go for the Thing That's Risky. I Want to be Courageous and Original.” --M. Night Shyamalan, from a family of preeminent M.D.s & Ph.Ds., and one of the highest paid screenwriters in Hollywood history with Disney.
"Every Once in a While a Program Enters the Universe and Revolutionizes the Way We Think and Subsequently Behave." “FrameWork® is One Such Work, and It is Poised to Help People for Generations!" --Ian K. Smith, M.D. & Author of the NY Times #1 Bestseller, (Extreme Fat Smash Diet) and VH1 medical/diet expert on “Celebrity Fit Club”, a syndicated medical contributor on “Rachael Ray”, host of his own nationally syndicated radio show “HealthWatch”, former medical correspondent for NBC's "Nightly News" and the "Today Show" appearing widely on “The View, the Tyra Banks Show, Larry King Live, Anderson Cooper 360, Showbiz Tonight, and The Verdict with Dan Abrams.” He has written for and featured in Time, Newsweek, Men’s Health, the New York Daily News, People, Essence, Ebony and Cosmopolitan. (He graduated from Harvard College with an AB and received a Master’s in Science Education from Teachers College of Columbia University. He attended Dartmouth Medical School, and completed his medical education and graduated from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine).  



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